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Our Story

The idea for Cozy Pet Hotel was sparked by the need for more personalized pet care and boarding. While there's nothing wrong with larger facilities, they may struggle to provide every dog in their care with the attention and enrichment they need to truly prosper while away from their beloved pet parents. This sparked an idea, and then a dream, within us. We proudly opened our doors on August 15th, 2022, and have been serving Belton and surrounding families since! 


We make it our dedicated mission as a smaller care facility is to provide individualized and fully attentive care for every pet that is trusted into our care, because we believe that sometimes even the littlest things are what make the difference.

All of our employees have a deep passion and care for animals, and we do too! Afterall, that's how we got here!


Without our four-legged friends, our lives would be less entertaining and full of love. At Cozy Pet, we hold these feelings as core principles in everything we do. 

You and your pet are family to us, so check into Cozy Pet Hotel today!


Building Cozy Pet Hotel

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CozyPetHotelLogo (1).png
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