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Yes, pet boarding for exotics such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles are more than welcomed too! However, please note, that acceptation of the animal is at our discretion. We are a small facility and reserve the right to refuse what we feel we cannot accommodate. 

Health Just as with cats and dogs, exotics too must be in overall good health. This includes anything that may be considered contagious or life threatening. 

Enclosure We prefer that a suitable enclosure be provided for the pet. While we do have rooms, every exotic requires a specific space. If you're unsure if your enclosure will be adequate, feel free to contact us!

Food and Bedding Please bring the appropriate amount of food and bedding for your pet. For reptiles, remember to include items such as their heat lamp and source of UVB lighting. 


The cost for these is $20 per group of any given enclosure.

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