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Why Choose Daycare?

Daycare services are perfect for those pinch moments when you are unable to leave your pet at home, or when you want to give them an extra social day!

Our facility is climate controlled and comfortable, ensuring a higher quality of the socialization and exercise enrichment time your pet will receive. 


Daycare time is individualized to each and owner and pet, therefore, what it may include could look different for each dog.


A young, energetic dog may do well playing outside in a group, while an older dog may prefer cuddle time on a comfortable couch.   

Additionally, our facility features an astroturf backyard that comes complete with a 6 FT fence. Perfect to use on days the temperature is tolerable!


The daycare opportunities could also include semi-private play dates with compatible pets, at the discretion of the pet parents.

*Please Note: 

Pets that are receiving daycare must follow the same criteria as per those that are boarding. See our boarding pages for more details!

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