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Daycare is available when you are unable to leave your pet at home or when you want to give your pet an extra special day! Our facility provides an indoor, climate controlled, comfortable environment with socialization and exercise for your pet. What said daycare time includes is dependent upon the owner's choice and temperament or mood of the pet in question. For example, a young, energetic dog may do well playing outside in a group of other dogs, while an older dog may prefer cuddle time.   

What's more, we have a backyard with artificial grass, complete with a six foot tall fence to use on days the temperature is tolerable. The daycare opportunities may also include semi-private play dates with compatible pets and with the permission of the pet parents.

**Note: Pets that are receiving daycare must follow the same criteria as per those that are boarding. See our boarding pages for more details!

Bella and Murphy1.jpeg

5 hours or less is $15/ each additional pet is $8

Over 5 hours is $25/ each additional pet is $12

Welcome, welcome! Take a look at the photos we've put together of our doggo playrooms and play yard.

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