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What's Included

Kitties that board with us stay overnight in a cat condo, but receive daycare during the day in our cat playroom. Every cat is alternated throughout the day so that each kitty gets the same amount of time playing. The room will be equipped with its own tv to play nature videos, along with high shelves to climb on, and hanging beds to watch out the windows.

Cat Vaccinations (must be current and given by a licensed veterinarian)

Rabies A fatal disease transmitted when one animal bites another. Vaccine can be administered as early as 3 months of age.

Feline Distemper Combination Vaccine (FVRCP) This combination shot covers a variety of core viruses, including Panleukopenia/ or feline distemper (FPL), Feline Calicivirus (FCV), and Rhinotracheitis/ or feline herpesvirus type 1 (FVR). 

Kittens For the required vaccinations, please give us a call for more information. 

Neuter/Spay All cats over the age of 6 months must be either neutered or spayed.

Other Requirements


Health All pets coming and going from the facility must be in overall good health.  This includes anything that is considered contagious or life threatening. Please note, that pets that have a pre-existing condition such as diabetes are welcome, as we are trained in giving daily injections.

Age Kittens must be at least 4 months old (16 weeks of age). 

Negative Result from Fecal Exam A fecal exam tests for intestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. To keep the facility clean and safe for all guests, we require a negative result from a fecal that is within a year old.

Food  Please provide enough food for your pet's stay. A change in diet can cause tummy problems for your pet.

Medication  Medication provided can be given to pets that require it, however, it must be brought in its original, prescription bottle. 

Personal Belongings  Owners are welcome to bring items from home such as beds, blankets, favorite treats, and toys. We do our best to keep items clean and tidy, however, Cozy Pet Hotel is not responsible for any destroyed or missing items.

Prices/ Sizes

Cat Condo: 

One size (4' wide X 30" deep)= $25 per night

**Each additional cat is $20 per night**

Photos of our Cat Condos and Playroom are soon to come!!!

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